About Us

Who is Awakened Tea?

We are a family run business which is located in Victoria, Australia.

 We have always had a passion and fascination for tea with its different types, flavours and many health-giving benefits that tea can provide for our bodies.

We know personally, that when we drink a cup of our high-quality tea it truly unlocks all of our senses making it more than simply drinking a cup of tea - it’s an experience! The aroma, the flavour, the calm you feel as you sip a perfect blend of tea while taking time out from our busy world to just be, and saviour the taste while knowing it’s so good for you.  

Why We Chose Organic?

In our everyday life, we are exposed to a variety of different chemicals. From the food that we eat, to the drinks that we consume, to the products we use around the house there are chemicals used to enhance, preserve, or change almost everything.

We here at Awakened Tea care about you and want you to be the healthiest you can be. That's why all our tea range is Organic.


But what does Organic mean?

Let us answer this question for you. Organic is the process of growing or cultivating a consumable or product where no chemicals are used in the process of manufacture. This means our teas, right from the seed to teacup, are untouched by any chemicals or processes that interfere with the quality of the final product keeping it as natural as possible. This ensures that when you are consuming our tea you are getting the highest quality tea available while not consuming any unnecessary chemicals into your beautiful body.

Why we choose sustainable packaging?

We have a huge passion and respect for our environment. We want to do everything that we can, to ensure that we are helping to do our part for our planet and our beautiful world that we enjoy. Therefore, we have chosen all our tea packaging for their Compostable & Bio-degradable elements. We apply the same principles to our mailing packaging. By us choosing sustainable packaging, it means when you have finished drinking your tea or have emptied the packaging you simply add it to your compost, or your green waste and it will breakdown not adding to the ever-growing landfill. We are delighted to provide you with a high-quality tea to enjoy while knowing that we are respecting the environment. It’s a win, win all round.