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Awakened Tea

"Fluidi-Tea" Organic Digestive Tea

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Awaken your senses, soothe your stomach and aid digestion with our delicious blend of Organic teas chosen especially for their ability to calm and de-stress your digestive system so that you can put some “fluidi-tea” back into your wellbeing.

From your first sip, your taste buds will be excited by the soothing flavours of a perfectly blended, high quality medley of teas chosen to work harmoniously together to come to the aid of a not so happy stomach or simply nurture your digestive system to be its best. 
Calming, de-stressing, refreshing, full of antioxidants, in fact it’s like a warm hug for your digestive system that you can enjoy every day, stomach happy or not.


Our blend contains de-stressing peppermint known to ease digestive upsets. Organic ginger root which has been used for thousands of years for its anti inflammatory benefits. A dash of Fennel Seed not only adds a sweet Licoricy taste but also may aid digestion. Soothing chamomile for its calming effect, Calendula for its antioxidant and anti fungal benefits. And finally, we have added a splash of Lemon Balm for natural flavour, and it potential to boost your cognitive function.   



Organic Ginger
Organic Calendula
Organic Chamomile
Organic Peppermint
Organic Fennel seed
Organic Lemon Balm

 How to Brew

Place 1-2 Tablespoons into hot water

Leave to steep for 2 - 5 minutes depending on personal preference

Strain and enjoy

Add sweetener if desired

Recommended temperature 100 °C


For Your Awareness

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illnesses. Always consult a healthcare professional before consuming any herbal products especially if you're pregnant or taking medication.


All of our range is 100% Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free